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The ritual by Shiningspecks
The ritual
I wanted to try drawing out a scene somewhat, However, this is my first one and as you can see, I have a lot to improve on. Mostly the coloring, the hands and shading.
Zero by Shiningspecks
So I was messing with maidrpg and this came to be, buuuuut I lack the skill to draw a maid's uniform and was not gonna give her a katana.
Memories by Shiningspecks
After living so long in New Hampshire, I'm constantly reminded of winter.
More practice by Shiningspecks
More practice
So I did more practicing, mainly on the colors but I still feel I can do better on the shading for the skin and hoodie.
I dunno by Shiningspecks
I dunno
Not much to add here, this one is an unfinished thing I did yesterday in free time but forgot what I was doing.


Shiningspecks's Profile Picture
Adarius Ford-Barrios
United States
Where to begin? It's been years since I've used my page, haven't uploaded anything in forever. So I will start with this. I'm Adarius, or as I often use the name Ady Dyran. I like to draw, sleep, listen to music, Roleplay, play games and mess with sprites. I'm not the best at my drawings but I enjoy what I do. I have a lot of interests and always willing to talk to others. I can't promisee much with my drawings but want to at least try to post something whenever I can.
Sooooo I was tagged by a good friend of mine and I don't really have a whole lot of watchers so this will kinda go unnoticed buuuut I'll do it anyways because why not, right?

1. I like stay up late into the night.

2. I tend to ramble nonstop when I start questioning things.

3. I enjoy walking and I'm afraid of driving.

4. Personally I like puppets.

5. At times I tend to get a bit protective of my friends.

6. I have an anger problem and tend to scratch my head when irritated or extremely pissed, often leaving marks on the back of my neck.

7. I can't stand being alone (which contradicts that because I'm bit of a shut in)

8. My favorite games are those that let me create my own characters.

9. I have yet to beat alot of my video games because I game hop too much.

10. I'm a skeleton.

Now this next part requires me to answer 10 questions from the one who tagged me.

1. Aliens invade earth! What is the first thing you do?!
Punch the nearest alien in the face.

2. Would you team up with me to survive the alien apocalypse and why?
Well of course, why punch an alien alone when friends can stomp a mudhole on the alien?

3. Regardless of whether or not you would survive with me, you can have three others added to your survival team. Who? (must be deviantart members) Hmm..... @Vino-Lerrej and @NightCrestComics because I know them irl.

4. What would be your weapon of choice in this apocalypse and why?
A metal bat since I can't use a gun to save my life.

5. Quote something from a movie that you'd say while standing on a pile of just-slaughtered aliens.
"I'm all out of bubble gum."
6. Okay, enough with the alien apocalypse questions! Do you make weird noises in your sleep? :3
Uh... maybe?

7. Worst OC you've ever stumbled upon? (I wouldn't put any links here if I were you, to avoid drama)
There's a lot I've stumbled upon, some probably my own but I believe it's name was SteelCold or something.

8. Name a physical feature that can make a monster look fucking, FUCKING scary to you
Along as it has multiple arms, don't know why but I use to be so afraid of Goro when I was younger.

9. What am I to you?
A dear friend who I care about.

10. Name a song you think I'd like
Don't know how you'd feel about Valkyries from Blind Guardian.

 Well that's all, thanks WhiteNoiseGhost this was fun to do. As for tagging anyone don't have much of an audience to tag or ask questions. So I'll leave it at that. Huh this is my first journal. 

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Yo Casket, nice pics, but you need to post more.
You should do the Five Heads of the Rat King.
If you need the descriptions I'll send them to you
in a note, just let me know.
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